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Gap Train

The Gap Train is a 1984 S10 that we originally built on the show Horsepower Wars Season 3. Since then the truck has went through plenty of changes including, long travel conversion, Built 5.3 LS with a 91mm Forced Performance Turbo, and now Fueled by VP racing M5

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Bumper Wilson

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The ShowMod

The ShowMod is 2001 Chevy Camaro Z28 that Travis has had since new. Over the years it has went through all kinds of revisions, but what has always remained is its super clean look and street car style. Travis has competed in a ton of Drag Weeks and Rocky Mountain raceweeks. Even winning the Rowdy Radial 26" tire class multiple times. Travis's hardwork and attention to detail with the torque arm platform has made his and Catfish BIlly two of the fastest 4th gens in Back Track Racing!

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Ginger Geezus

Dylan who by day runs his own fab shop called Bodig0n Performance & Fab built this truck with help from his dad and local legend Mick Bodigon. The attention to detail along with fit and function is just perfect. The truck has only been together a little over a year, but has quickly turned into a top competitor.

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Double Nickel

Double Nickel is a 1955 chevy. Started life out as a 6 cylinder 3 on the tree car. My dad purchased in 1972 and started out with a 283 with a 4 speed. Pried out of his hands in 94 with big block and a ton of small blocks after before turning to the LS side. Was 6.0 N/A until this combo was put in.

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Catfish Billy

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The Pizza King Express

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The Accesory

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