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MAK Travel Bolt on S10 / G Body long travel brackets Gen 1

MAK Travel Bolt on S10 / G Body long travel brackets Gen 1

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We are currently sold out of this version.  Currently we are working on the Gen 2 version of these.  They will be smaller and more compact than this first generation.  I am working to have test parts made by mid-March.  Production parts are slated for mid-Siummer.    


These S10/ G Body long travel shock brackets are carefully formed with a precise 8 axias cnc bender to ensure perfect fit and dimensional accuracy.  Then they are welded inside and out for the best durability.  After that the brackets are surface treated in a multi-step process to ensure long lasting corrosion resistance and perfect adhesion for the heavy duty satin black powder coating. They can either be 100% bolted in or welded for the greatest amount of strength.  They were designed to clear stock manifolds and long tube header applications.  They also include a hole provision for easy mounting of a shock sensor.  Designed to be used with STOCK SPINDLES


4- Grade 8 (1/2” bolts to replace factory a arm mounting bolts)

4- Grade 8 (1/2” bolts to secure both mounting tabs to frame)

2 - control arm spacer plates

Below are the recommended parts to help ensure the most travel and the best control!  Click the links to add the parts to your cart.

 Upper ball joints

 Pro forge part number - 101-10469

Proform Extended Upper Ball Joint – Mid America Kustoms (

 Shocks - QA1 MOD Shocks

QA1 MOD Shock Passenger Side for MAK Travel – Mid America Kustoms (

QA1 MOD Shock Drivers Side for MAK Travel – Mid America Kustoms (

Springs - will vary based on front weight of car but will most likely be between 16” 200-300lb springs

QA1 16" Long 2.5" Dia Coil Spring – Mid America Kustoms (


Recommended components below must be purchased directly from manufacture.

 Control Arms  (Uppers & Lowers)

 Trick chassis - 


 Bump steer kit - Bump Steer Kit for Stock Steering (S10 / Blazer) – TRZ Motorsports 

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Do You Want ALL the Travel!

Pair your MAK travel shock brackets up with QA1 MOD shocks, Proform Extended Ball Joints, & our Leaf Spring Gap Brackets so you get the most from your chassis