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GM 252mm Pro Series PG/350/400 Torque Converter

GM 252mm Pro Series PG/350/400 Torque Converter

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Stall Speed
bolted together
Bolt Pattern

This is our most durable and adjustable option for the high hp street/track cars. Designed for use in 800+HP, this converter is the perfect match for your big power turbo, blower, or nitrous engine. Features include:


  • Billet Front Cover
  • Multiple Bolt Pattern Front Cover
  • Screw On Pilot (standard GM, LS)
  • Anti-Balloon Plates on Pump and Turbine
  • CNC Machined Steel Stator For Maximum Adjustabilty
  • Mechanical Diode One Way Clutch
  • Furnace Brazed and Hand TIG Welded Fins
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