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FP7875 Race Turbocharger

FP7875 Race Turbocharger

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  • Flow rating - 110LB per minute
  • CW Measurements - 78MM Inducer 
  • TW Measurements - 75MM Exducer
  • Compressor Housing - 4" Inlet and 3" Outlet
  • Turbine Housing - T4 Open .81 or .96 A/R, T4 Divided 1.25  
  • Turbine Outlet Flange - 3 5/8" V-Band discharge
  • CHRA - FP Journal Bearing

The FP7875 Race Turbocharger from Forced Performance is a great turbo for stock to mildly built LS motors.

With its billet compressor wheel and 75mm turbine exducer, you can expect to see between 500 and 750 horsepower from a single turbo application, or up to 1500 in a twin setup.

We offer this in three different T4 turbine housings, a .81 A/R and a .96 A/R open, and a 1.25 divided. We recommend the .81 for smaller motors or twin setups, while the .96 responds very well on a larger motor such as a 5.3 or such applications that use a larger cam than stock. The 1.25 is great for higher flow applications, whether it is a larger displacement or higher stall. 

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