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ChipFab Racing Transmission Pit Cooler

ChipFab Racing Transmission Pit Cooler

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ChipFab Racing Transmission Pit Cooler Transmission coolers built out of necessity to keep your torque converter as consistently functioning as possible Designed to drop transmission fluid temperatures down to ambient in minutes, between rounds All aluminum lightweight frame construction, with portability at the track in mind Digital transmission temperature gauge High temperature gear pump with inline filter and larger cooler fan Comes with 4.5′ -6AN lines and 2 sets (male and female) of quick disconnect fittings that connect to the transmission

Cooler plugs into 110v power, with a voltage converter switching power to 12 volts to run the gauge, pump, and fan Recommended changing filter after roughly every 50 runs

Overall Weight of 27lbs.

ChipFab Racing Transmission Pit Cooler is Made in the USA!

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